Corporate News
New Office & Showroom of Shenzhen Refine Environment
In order to meet the need of local and overseas markets as well as expanding our production scale, “Shenzhen RE Evaporative Air Cooler Co. Ltd”, a subsidiary of our Group, has moved to a new office and showroom.  To celebrate the big day, a welcoming ceremony was held on 18/01/2011.
Members of our senior management team were invited to the event, including Mr. Zhang Shimin (CEO of the Group), Ms. Wei Zhemin (Chief Asset Management Officer).  Mr. Wang (General Manager of RE), and representatives from Shenzhen local banks and enterprises were also presented at the event.
The new factory of “Shenzhen RE Evaporative Air Cooler Co. Ltd” is located in Shifeng Technological Region.  Relative to the former one, the new factory is much bigger in scale.  A spacious product showroom has also been created for visitors and clients to view and select our products with much greater comfort.